My mission

I want to be happy. I want eternal and maximum happiness. I have realized that I cannot accomplish this alone. I am assuming that I am not unique, that others want to be happy as I do, even though they may not be aware yet. If our ways to become happy conflict, our efforts will cancel each other. We need a common goal, then we will work together. So, I need to achieve happiness for everyone to reach my own happiness.

I am still alone in this quest. So far, people are not impressed with my plans for eternal youth, life diversity, planet colonization, etc. I am working alone and this is not a one-man job, but I know how to start.

We need to improve our ability to solve problems. Education is the key. We need to increase the skills of our students and not only in university. I am a high school teacher, but my efforts are incredibly heavily countered.

Of course, this mission is not easy. If it were, someone would be eternally and maximally happy already.

Do you want to know more about my mission? Details about a specific area, problems you see, any question, then drop me a message and I will add more information.